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Native english speaker for childcare

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We are looking for an English speaking babysitter who teach the kids the language while doing and playing. Because we already had an english speaking sitter the children are kind of used to english but they are not speaking it, yet. So if you speak and understand some German, this would be very helpful. Furthermore you should be a trust worthy, caring person, creative and enthusiastic, patient, warm and understanding.

Our son (4) goes to Kindergarten and our daughter (6) started school this year. We need a person who could pick them up, once or twice a week (monday to thursday) and spend the afternoon with them. You could go to the playground, reading books at home, visiting the museum or any other stuff you or them like to do. If necessary, we would like you to stay during the evening, prepare dinner and bring the kids to bed. (This could be one of the same days when picking them up and depends on our working time.) We live in Berlin Schöneberg, close to sub station Bayerischer Platz.

You should be able to write an invoice or do have some kind of a working insurance. Otherwise we will find a way to employ you (just in case something happens...).

Thank you and looking forward to hear from you.
Verena, Arndt and the kids
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